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Whatta Catch!!!

9-11 Flag Football Proudly & ALWAYS Gives Back To Our Community

High School Game of the Week

9/10 Gladiators vs Chargers. December 1, 2019

The season started out with CLASS when Aiden Mitnick from the Gladiators, asked me if we could play the National Anthem before we started the game. He told me that his brother was a Marine and that he just left after being back home on leave. I could tell by the look on his face that he was very proud of his brother. Both teams gathered together in the middle of the field and Aiden played the National Anthem  from his phone. We all stood with our hands over our hearts. It was a VERY PROUD MOMENT. The game itself didn't work out as good for Aiden and his team, The Gladiators. The Chargers scored first with a 40 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Matt Minichiello #14 to Michael Calafiore #4. The Chargers scored again on their next possession. The Gladiators came back with a touchdown of their own when Quarterback Aiden Mitnic threw a 25 yard pass to #22 Sammy Maryles , a 30 yard pass to #44 Luca Casanova and a final touchdown pass to #22 Sammy Maryles. In the 2nd half, the Chargers came out strong and scored two quick touchdowns putting the game  almost out of reach. The Gladiators did fight back with a score of their own but it wasn't enough to overcome the deficit. The final score was 40-13 Chargers.

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